In the coming year . . .

may your priorities honor your purpose may your decisions demonstrate your discipline may your impact elevate others and yourself Priorities Purpose 68 Purpose Quotes Decisions Discipline May your impact elevate others and yourself


2021 (Monoprix Paris, Saint Michel Canard-Duchene French Champgne The Best of 2021 (I returned to the store the next day for a second bottle, but it closed early for New Years Eve 2022 (Jewel on Broadway, Chicago) Frances Coppola Italian Prosecco (Diamond Collecttion) Extra Dry (I don’t like it) Korbel California Champagne Not so…


This year, barely moments after the winter solstice, things changed The first cold of winter, dropping temperatures The Humidifier Click to access 914s0eZ3EXL.pdf I don’t know if it was mental or physical, but as soon at the stream of mist, I felt better The dryness of my nasal passages seemed to ease

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