Thanksgiving Weekend

A Disorienting Weekend at the end of November A Wonderful Thursday Thanksgiving Holiday Which presents Black Friday and the questions of “Do we Work today?” Capped by an Autumn Weekend Before we jump into December, the ultimate final, crowded and loud month The Feast, Full-Tummy (and Football) of Thanksgiving The baron streets and empty commuter…


Oh, the satisfaction of juggling the elements of your job (or the elements of your life) and achieving a balance of several components Demonstrating some success with certain goals while keeping other responsibilities in the balance Making the decisions to pivot and compensate to keep-all-the-balls-in-the-air Without Balance, gains from one element can’t be fully appreciated

Okan Bale

Angélique Kidjo (Angélique Kpasseloko Hinto Hounsinou Kandjo Manta Zogbin Kidjo) Okan balè o, okan balè o Okan balè o, okan balè o Eminin kan ko lo wa I’ayé é Omon dada I’émin, mon nin èbi kpikpo Mon mon gbogbo èbi témi I’aué é Irinsi dada ni, témin ègbo o Mo mon m’kpé èfè ran mio…

Supreme Court Argument

So I thought that I would like to stream those proceedings (you can’t) but Argument Audio is released at the end of each week It is an extremely civil discourse on issues of the day, by smart people (and there is nothing wrong with keeping up with the Supreme Court Docket)

Gratitude (UPS)

Four inches of snow has falled The temperatures are dropping and the Wind is howling I don’t imagine that they pay delivery persons differently on these days compared to beautiful summer days when they spoke their iconic UPS short pants

Uncle Bill

Realizing that you are Uncle Bill That your way of thinking is not current Being careful not to always be flaunting your out-dated opinions (especially on social media) Looking for a way to insert your wisdom (realize that this is not your time)