I love Tennis And will destroy my other plans during the Three Major Summer Tennis Tournaments: French Open (Paris) on Clay Wimbledon (London) on Grass U.S. Open (New York City) on the Hard Court How can you not love that? I bought access to the Tennis Channel this month (No Brainer)

Van Gogh

The owner of our business attended the multi-media Van Gogh exhibit, where animated images of his paintings are projected on the walls of a large dark room, with music. His “vision” was that I am their “fo-goh” (Vincent Van Gogh) and they should be grateful to have me working for the company Apparently, he even…


They have nothing that I want I will feel better if I don’t watch CNN I HATE DONALD TRUMP, but this is “Fake News” Today Harry and William were piling-on to a BBC report (I don’t want to hear that, I don’t want to hear excuse about behavior for something that happened 25 year ago…


Years and Years and Years ago, I bought an Audible book (I don’t know how this was accomplished back then) I received a little Blue audio player I may have been required to purchased a certain number audio books Time passed, I wasn’t impressed, didn’t buy the required number of books (to pay for the…

What is . . .

What is 60? The Last (Best) Third of your Life Work on Improving Yourself and Your Life Do at least one Good Turn Daily What is 70? There is still some time left (although Mom is probably gone) What is 80? Have you taken care of yourself What is 90? Do you have a support…


“strength and perseverance” Increasing impressive, expected and not so very hard to do accept or tolerate delay, trouble, or suffering without getting angry or upset

Nolte or Solte

Perhaps like many of us during the pandemic, there of periods of sloth, gluttony and inactivity Long periods reclining or sitting, eating, sleeping, staying inside, not getting our excersise So when we looked in the mirror first thing today, it was a shock, a wake-up call, a reconning, a reality check, a crystal ball to…

Binders and Bins

We like the List, anything to organize Anything to organize without actually organizing We like the idea of Bins, Boxes, Baskets, Binders and Blank Books Fill them up and then buy more and fill those up Same with shelves. Fill then up, then buy more and fill those up Maybe we should buy Garbage Cans


Spiritual Gratitude An overriding response for an increasing spiritual life When you are tempted by an alternative response of anger, revenge, adopting a nemesis Be extremely grateful instead and use this as spiritual nourishment Food, Gratitude and Unlikely Characters GRATATOUILLE (grat·a·too·ee) – Riptide’s New Series

Friluftsliv (‘fresh-air life’)

Friluftsliv’ is a word used by Swedes, Danes and Norwegians. It translates literally as ‘fresh-air life’, and is all about embracing the great outdoors whatever the weather, being active, and immersing yourself in nature. (BBC Culture) The Scandinavian way to tackle winter The Scandi cold weather rituals that could ease your symptoms