Seven Sacraments of the Catholic Church

Sacraments of Initiation Baptism, Confirmation, and the Eucharist Sacraments of Healing Sacrament of Penance and the Anointing of the Sick Sacrements of Service Holy Orders and Matrimony (being of service and contributing to the well being of the church) The Seven Sacraments

Fourty-Three to Sixty-Five Inch

After Five Years, my Television Stopped And I gave into the temptation to replace this with a Sixty Inch (over twice the picture area – 791 vs 1,809) The Problem is that you have to sit far back from it (otherwise, you are just too close)

Blue Zone Diet

Blue Zones Food Guidelines 1. Plant Slant 2. Retreat from Meat 3. Fish is Fine 4. Diminish Dairy 5. Occasional Egg 6. Daily Dose of Beans 7. Slash Sugar 8. Snack on Nuts 9. Sour on Bread 10. Go Wholly Whole 11. Eat Super Blue Foods 12. The Blue Zones Beverage Rules 13. Four Always,…