Okan Bale

Angélique Kidjo
(Angélique Kpasseloko Hinto Hounsinou Kandjo Manta Zogbin Kidjo)

Okan balè o, okan balè o
Okan balè o, okan balè o

Eminin kan ko lo wa I’ayé é
Omon dada I’émin, mon nin èbi kpikpo
Mon mon gbogbo èbi témi I’aué é
Irinsi dada ni, témin ègbo o

Mo mon m’kpé èfè ran mio
Edjè kin ma doukpè foun yin
Ifè yin foun mi I’ayo
Monfè ki ayé témin ko da

Iyami o kpèlou babami
Awon aburo min n’ko

Mio lé dou kpè foun oluwa o
To foun min l’èbi to da yi

Modukpè foun ayé yi o
Olodumaré mon dukpè

Okan Bale:

I’m gasping for air,
Wheezing in the noose,

I know hurting me was rare.
But, I can’t take your abuse.
I can see you sobbing,
Hunched over my grave.

I know your heart is throbbing,
But, I know that you’ll be brave.
I can see you set the roses,
And walk back over to him.
I felt your heart was open,

But, now it slowly closes.
You’re the reason that I did this.
You’re the reason I was so pissed.
You used to say you loved me,

But things are turning ugly.
You’re the reason I was so weak.
Why my depression reached its peak.
Now, you’re struggling to speak.

I used to say I’d die for you.
But, never because of you.
I was in love
You were the one that could save me.

Said “What should I do?”
Said that I need you.
You shunned me for good
So I tied a rope to wood

Stood on the chair
Then put my head
Into the noose then thought
Why should I stay here?

Answered my own prayer:
I need you there
Tried to get down
Chair slipped

I’m gasping for air.
I need you there.
Struggling to speak
Last words: Help Me

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