A “What-the-Fuck” Day

Some times you just say “WTF” and decide not to be on your best behavior
Disregard resolutions, training plans, diet, etc.

This day started on one of those weekends where the weathermen issues severe warnings

I didn’t run. Was away from home, didn’t have the proper gear, just finished a 13.1 mile run, needed to recover, there’s never a shortage of excuses.

Then breakfast came. Because of the weather warning, we didn’t go to our favorite breakfast restaurant, but ate at the little “bistro” downstairs. They have a basic kitchen and tend to use lots of oil in omelets (they don’t stick, the pan is easy to clean and reuse) but the omelet is oily and cooked on low hear. So I said “WTF” and also ordered “Potatoes” (three large deep fried tater-tots, undercooked and greasy) and “Sausage” Just to go all-in I added ketchup from the large pump dispenser, which flowed out loose and watery. WTF

On the train ride home I bought coffee and a donut. No chocolate cake donuts, no interesting danish, only a Bacon Donut. Bacon with Maple Glaze. It looked like bacon, didn’t taste like bacon, had the texture of bacon and undoubtedly all the calories of bacon.

The weather out the train window degraded. WTF, I decided not to bike home, but to hang around the train station food court, until the next train not in just under an hour.

Bought five (5) bean burritos from Taco Bell. Always my favorite, but I’d had plenty to eat already today – it just didn’t taste so good.

There were two separate black men just hanging around, doing nothing, maybe staying warm, clean and not causing any disturbance. One of them occasionally approached a table and asked if they had some money, so he could buy something to eat. He kinda mumbled but never approached me. (I’m big, I’m a bicycler, don’t mind being rustic haven’t had a haircut in a while, didn’t shave or shower today.

On impulse, I tossed my bag of the three (3) remaining burritos onto his adjacent table, it slid just in front of him. There was minimal achknowledgement if any. There was no discernable “thank you” but there was definitely acceptance. He scampered over to Taco Bell for some condiments.

He is sitting behind me. I am feeling good and considering giving him an extra five (5) dollars, which I have not done recently.

5 Dollars

I took it out of my pocket, but started to judge how he would spend it.
Alcohol? Drugs? It is not enough to buy something substantial off the menu, he might end up buying fries or cookies, maybe a Coke. Not enough for substantial train transportation and it is going to be a dirty, messy, cold, wet and windy day.

I put it back in my pocket.
Then I took it back out of my pocket

He had wadded up the bag, stepped towards the garbage bins, but missed the jump shot
When he turned around I was standing at his table, placed down the Five and said “Have a Good Day.”

He came close to thanking me, he definitely acknowledged me


A definite prescription for the “What the Fucks”

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