How to reduce your email checking to once a day

Far Beyond The Stars

A number of people emailed me after the last post to say that there was no way for them to stop checking their email 35 times a day. I hope this follow up blog post can help.

I’ve been using these strategies for years in order to lower the amount of time I spend on email to good effect.

Why check email once a day?

  1. Incoming messages distract, if you ignore them you’ll get important work done.
  2. So you can spend more time enjoying your life, learning, or simply sitting in the sun during this gorgeous summer.
  3. You spend less time reacting to other people and more time on your own work.
  4. Because your productivity will skyrocket when you aren’t flipping back and forth between email every five minutes.

Email is a non-urgent form of communication that’s weaseled it’s way into becoming a daily obligation for the entire world.


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