Hector’s List

Hector and the Search for Happiness Movie and Book

Making comparisons can spoil your happiness
Happiness often comes when least expected
Many people only see happiness in their future
Many people think happiness comes from having more power or more money
Sometimes happiness is not knowing the whole story
Happiness is a long walk in beautiful, unfamiliar mountains
It’s a mistake to think that happiness is the goal
Happiness is being with the people you love; unhappiness is being separated from the people you love
Happiness is knowing that your family lacks for nothing
Happiness is doing a job you love
Happiness is having a home and a garden of your own
It’s harder to be happy in a country run by bad people
Happiness is feeling useful to others
Happiness is to be loved for exactly who you are (People are kinder to a child who smiles)
Happiness comes when you feel truly alive
Happiness is knowing how to celebrate
Happiness is caring about the happiness of those you love
Happiness is not attaching too much importance to what other people think
The sun and the sea make everybody happy
Happiness is a certain way of seeing things
Rivalry poisons happiness
Women care more than men about making others happy
Happiness means making sure that those around you are happy


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