Ant Farm

Spring has Sprung

It is blustery, but warming up, so you can open the windows

The Tulip Box is in full bloom, which means the annual infestation of Antz

They show up in a big cloud on the floor – in a different spot each year. Which is why we should always have Ant Bait on hand.

But we didn’t, and a visit to the local hardware store resulted in a Raid product, which the Antz wouldn’t touch it.

A gooey, stickly, syrupy solution has always worked the best. The raid product may be too child safe.

We have good luck with this Terro product:

It is filled with goo, and placed on an index card or heavy duty paper. You snip off a knob of plastic to expose an ant-ramp leading up to a resevoir of goo.

Within an hour, it has been discovered, before too long there is major activity

An Ant Farm

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