Herbs in your Pocket

We heard Ruth Reichel (on the Splendid Table) talking about Chef Cesare Casella who always carries Rosemary in his pocket
This sounds like an opportunity, as we plan to clean up the garden this fall.

Except for the herbs which are mostly perennials, which are finally well established
Sage (which needs to be divided each year)
Basil (is not perennial)
Mint (which needs to be watched and trimmed closely)
And Rosemary (which we’ve not been successful establishing in our garden)
Thyme and Oregano (two of our favorites) see to be low crawling, sprawling plants
Dill is Strong and Perennial (and delicate)
Parsley and Cilantro are similar (Cilantro may be called Mexican Parsley)

As it turns out, Chef Casella has Rosemary flowing out of the breast pocket of his Chef’s Jacket like a Boutonnière. To us, it seems more like his “Shtick,” rather than the utilitarian image which me pictured (with the chef parceling out the rosemary into his cooking or disbursing pieces of rosemary as a Talisman)

Our Big Idea is to use a packet of drawstring sachets which we purchased and don’t use. (we throw tons of herbs into our chicken stock then strain them out, or just fish-out a spring of herbs)

So we will stuff the sachet full of herbs, muddle (hit or pound) to release some of the oils, and carry these herbs with us










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