My Favorite Yoga Instructor (Marina)

She is not the best Yoga Instructor,
But maybe she is!
Yoga Bell
I just wanted a stretchy, twisty yoga class today
But the class had a good dose of Pilates and Boot Camp

Marina wore Halloween appropriate attire
Dispersed Lavendar scent
Offered Chocolate for the end of class

During the final Shabbat, she walked among use striking a bell
Marina is ALL-IN
and that goes very far with us

One of her messages was about PAIN
How it is as important as Joy
How we need to work through PAIN
and the PAIN part is the most important part of the session

The message struck a resonance with me, with the New York City Marathon next weekend
(where I have a habit of recoiling and Quitting upon the advent of pain the prospect of pain further-on or lingering pain even after the race)

What if I carried Marina’s class and message forward to the race)

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