Everybody is a little bit Racist

I am a racist?
Everybody is a little bit racist“, is one of the most truthful Broadway tunes, for me. Some of my most constructive years were dating a “woman of color” (which seems to be the current and appropriate term) It was all good and enlightening, and I discovered the black people are just as racist white people. It is a global and encompassing issue. (that will always be with us)

Am I a racist? Are you? https://www.eetimes.com/author.asp?section_id=14&doc_id=1285253

One of my favorite show tunes is from

What is notable is how frequently the Racist Label is applied

And then, “Xenophobe”

And then, “White Supremacist”

(why not)

And then . . . maybe it become overused
and it is not as effective – it is an easy reaction

And then it becomes offensive, to people to whom it was not intended

We thought that when (fellow Chicagoan) Barack Obama was elected, that this would all be cured

But it opened Pandora’s Box

And Trump has fed the fire

So we think . . .
“Racist” is overused

Everybody is a little bit Racist
(and consider that maybe you are a hypocrite)

But also consider the progress and the need for further changes

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