Do Not Feed the Black Dog

Black Dogs are resentments that you hold against other people
Black Dogs

It might be someone at work, a co-worker or the person that you work for.
It could be a family member or friend or neighbor
It could be people riding bikes, or walking dogs, Uber Drivers or Scandinavians
This person is not fair, this person has bad work habits, they are not considerate, they are lazy, they are self-centered, they are selfish, have no empathy, are either stupid or ignorant (you can’t decide)
These are probably things that apply to yourself.

How do you react or respond to this Black Dog?

You could pray for the Black Dog, wishing everything for the Black Dog that you wish for yourself.
You could change some how (because it would be difficult to change that Black Dog)

The most important thing is not to feed the Black Dog
Do not spend time harboring, developing resentments, becoming upset
That is such a waste of time, it’s unhealthy, holding-on to negative thoughts, developing and multiplying this negativity.

So move on to something else, hopefully something constructive and positive

Do Not Feed the Black Dog

Ride the Wave” and recall a recent series of positive progress. Build on this. Focus on the Positive (and get excited about that)

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