Monkey Brain

I been hearing about the Monkey Brain (or Monkey Mind)
and am even tempted to buy a book, but I’ll google it instead

Lizard Brain (basis instincts)
Monkey Brain (complex tasks and emotions,responses to fear and desire)
Human Brain (logical, emotionless thought, as well as delayed gratification)

Quick tips to tame your monkey mind:

1. Eliminate the noise. create an environment that is calming.

2. Breathe. A short, shallow breath rate triggers the stress response which results in “amygdala hijack” – monkey madness. Studies show a breathing pace of 6 breaths per minute (in to a count of 5, and out to a count of 5) is ideal for brainpower.

3. Get out of the cage. Aim for physical activity at least every 90 minutes in order to keep circulation flowing and cortisol levels in balance.

Monkey Brain
8 Science-Based Tricks For Quieting The Monkey Mind

Learn to Meditate

Cognitive behavior therapy (CBT)

Practice Mindfulness

Color, count, recite, run

Talk to an actual person. Barring that, write.

Practice acceptance

Get outside yourself by helping others

“Defuse” the rhetoric

If all else fails…
Sometimes you have to forcibly remind yourself that the mind is built to chatter and to make predictions—but that most of what it predicts doesn’t actually come true. the brain can in fact rewire itself, with some practice, over time.

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