It’s the Media (Stupid)

Currently, I am blaming the media
Realizing that this could be “blaming the messenger”

But I expect my messenger to be objective
And that is why I am concerned

Because I want to hear both sides
I recognize someone who is an advocate
But THEN I want to hear the other side . . .
and it is glaring when it is missing

The Media

Maybe I need to recognize that Media is a Business
And if you follow the Hurricane or “Peaceful” Protests
That is just Good for Business

When the Media bends to Current “Public Opinion” that is Good for Business

Let them burn down buildings
Tear down statutes
Or erase “Gone with the Wind”

That is Good for Business

An interesting discovery and caveat:
I was concerned about what was provided on the editorial page
(but with online access I could view comments, if was interesting to view the comments)

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