Richard Quest (CNN)

We would watch Richard Quest while on vacation in Paris (on CNN International)
Eventually we discovered a way to watch CNN International on HULU
The amazing (and actually encouraging) outcome, was that we became tired of Richard Quest and cancelled HULU (just has we should constantly reduce our media subscriptions)
Although we miss his periodic travel programs which were good

Quest on Business

We have always been a loyal fan of the Sunday talk shows
But lately, we are tempted to avoid these shows
There is almost no discussion – there a pivots and stump speeches (despicable and unpalitable)

Except for Richard Quest (we always watched him on CNN International while in Paris)

You can’t find Richard Quest in America – we tried
Then we found a special “package” on Hulu, which allowed us to access CNN International

When “the Trump Official” appears on the weekday afternoon program “Quest on Business”
it is different and acceptable and palatable

Quest broadcasts mostly from London
A little like the BBC on CNN – a happy combination



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