Nolte or Solte

Perhaps like many of us during the pandemic, there of periods of sloth, gluttony and inactivity

Long periods reclining or sitting, eating, sleeping, staying inside, not getting our excersise
So when we looked in the mirror first thing today, it was a shock, a wake-up call, a reconning, a reality check, a crystal ball to see the future, if nothing changes, your worst potential

After a week (or even just two) of this and the weight gain,  the strain to reach down to tie the shoes, your quality of life is obvious
So the little boring, routine, trivial things that sustain a good quality of life:
Get Up and Meditate (deep breath and positive thoughts)
London Spin (raise the heart rate, bring it up to red-line, break a serious sweat, sweat-though the shirt)
Jump into the shower, lather and rinse, scrape off the beard and stray hairs
Prepare a bowl of fiber, oatmeal, ground seeds, cinamon, tumeric and dried fruits
A base, a banana
Go Outside, hopefully run, take a breath of air, look up into the sky
Human Contact, a nod or a word to the person on the street on train platform,
And then you are ready to made a difference, do something constructive
Change the World, Leave a Mark
Make Progress
But it all starts with Getting Up

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