Years and Years and Years ago, I bought an Audible book
(I don’t know how this was accomplished back then)
I received a little Blue audio player
I may have been required to purchased a certain number audio books
Time passed, I wasn’t impressed, didn’t buy the required number of books (to pay for the little blue audio player)
This was a time when I might be between jobs, lived payday to payday, maybe didn’t have pay days, my checking account balance would occasionally hit-bottom
So I was devastated one day when my checking account balance “disappeared” when Audible mysteriously drained my account
I still feel that pain, the hopelessness. It is a lasting memory of poverty

My fortunes changed. Now I again have a Free Audible Book each month (which might cost $15 per month) and I frequently buy audio books in combination with the kindle version. I seldom use my Free Monthly credit unless the book costs well over the $15 monthly charge

I recently bought a audio book to learn Hebrew for the Jerusalem Marathon. It seem to offer a unique approach to learning a foreign language, learning the critical 350 works of the language, to learn the language most efficiently. There is a free PDF to download. So I purchased the $4.95 audio book for Hebrew, Spanish, French, Italian and German and downloaded the PDF files.

One of my most satisfying recent purchases
Times change

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