Van Gogh

The owner of our business attended the multi-media Van Gogh exhibit, where animated images of Vincent’s paintings were projected on the walls of a large dark room, with music.

His “vision” was that, I am their “fo-goh” (Vincent Van Gogh) and they should be grateful to have me working for the company
Apparently, he even bought me Van Gogh Socks from the exhibition store

But then he read the online bio of a “crazy failure”
(never sold a painting during his lifetime, cut-off his ear, erratic behaviour, requiring being committed to an institution)
The owner decided that he shouldn’t give me the socks, after-all
But I know what he meant

Van Gogh (Vincent)

I may be considered just slightly eccentric, not totally appreciated, not wildly successful – until I am gone.

Then, I can live with that, easily

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