Flight Stories

American Airlines:
I booked a sweet flight on British Airways through London to Barcelona
12 Weeks before the flight, I received a phone call (I missed the phone call, no voicemail)
Four Days Later, I received an email that my flight has been cancelled (and to call a number)
I called the number early in the morning, waited an hour, before calling back laterThis is not the first time that this has happened, notice of a flight change, sometimes a phone call where you need to make a critical decision without being prepared
This sometimes happens twice for a flight, where I receive a call about a changed/cancelled flight in France the night before the return flight back to the USA
(then faced a challenging day at the airport, waiting in lines, waiting for a later flight, taking a connecting flight, etc)
Maybe avoid American Airlines, since this seems to happen repeatedly
When it does happen, ALWAYS take the option of staying an extra day and leaving early the next day
I once chose a flight later in the day, waited hours in the airport, in a terminal which did not support my meal voucher, arrived in NYC when the check out counters were closing, barely obtained my hotel voucher, waited a-long-time for the shuttle bus to the hotel, finally checking into a cold room (I’ll remember this Cancellation for a long time, and I wonder why I chose American again)


Overseas flights sometimes go into a hub airport, then shuttle over to the other European City

Major inconvenience, there is the time-spend, the loading of the plane, move lines, sometimes a shuttle, boarding the aircraft which is type of plane which you usually travel on for short trips, kinda dingy (like an old school bus)


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