Phirst Fysical

First Physical
After a life without medical insurance for many years,
I happened upon a good Blue Cross Plan but curiously did not use it

Phinally scheduled a fiscal and was surprised, delighted then appalled by my Doctor’s pragmatic approach
Blood Pressure was a little high (but we discounted that to riding my bike 6 miles to the appointment
My deferral of my phirst (and long overdue) Colonoscopy was surprisingly accepted
(being frank, we discussed that worse-case-scenario would be that we would discover something after it is too late and pass-on quickly)
Next question, did I want Blood Work. When I asked “should I?” the answer was “would I be willing to take medication, if it high Cholesterol or diabetes or something else was discovered?” Maybe not
There was no finger-up-the-ass (good, but maybe bad)
There was serious palpitation of my impressive abdomen, and even my feet
I had recently fallen down my stairs, and there was no curiosity about my head, back of leg bruising
The good thing is that I made an appointment and now have a physical who knows me
(hoping that he documented everything after my visit)

Next Time:
I should probably go for the blood work
Maybe reveal my proclivity to pee – it might be a sight of something other than my advanced age
(before I am arrested for public urination, which is a sex crime)

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