Jan Schakowsky

I received one of those intrusive Text Message from Jan Schakowsky
Jn Schakowsky
I remember Jan Schdowsky from over 10 Years Ago
During the Simpson Bowes National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform
This seemed to be a major bipartisan effort to make some good change
Maybe (as I am aware) I did not understand all the issues, but at the time it seemed like a puzzling betrayal
Her last minute vote (to defeat the legislative effort) seemed truly inexplicable and rotten to me at the time
At that time (and for a long period of time, almost to present) I was incensed, this is a local popular Illinois Rep!
It is in line with Joseph Liberman being the deciding vote on National Health Insurance
Recently it compares to Joe Manchen holding up Infrastructure and other assorted opportunites
Simpson and Bowes have historically been my heros, almost saintly, but over the years there is plenty of evidence that they are far less than perfect.
Jan Schakowsky’s vote even 10 years ago still angers me
Her text mail to me triggered this resentment, so I say: Jan Schakowsky, Don’t Call Us, We’ll call you
Admittedly, I am often (perhaps increasingly wrong) – although mostly I really am at least partially right
But what is true over 10 years is that Jan Schakowsky is a Survivor (She is still around)
(but she definitely still repulses me, even if to even a small degress, this may be unwarranted)
To hold someone responsible for something that they did 10 years ago is not right and I should look at the big picture


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