Post Cards

Post CardsI buy stamps often online, a selection of colorful stamps for business correspondence.

For some reason, I received a roll of postcard rate stamps. Recently I mistakenly ordered 2 five pound bags of carrots, so this is an increasing concern

Deciding on the multiple ways to resolve this, I read an Opinion piece by Elisabeth Egan

Pour Your Rage Into a Postcard to the President

Now-a-days I’ve felt it best to keep my opinions to myself and I don’t want to be regarded as some crazy-guy writing emotional correspondence to politicians – I have a bit of a “Big Brother” complex. There is a tendency to speak up and make a change, but then there is the good advice to keep-your-head down.

But, what if you did this constructively? What if this was an exercise in positive constructive encouragement. I have the stamps, I have too many postcards which I have accumulated over time and will never use.

It would be my next big project – very exciting. There are so many people to contact. You could scan them and use them somehow.

I like the idea, especially the exercise in being positive

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