Old Man Syndrome

As an “Old Man,” I am increasingly reminded that people are not interested in what I have to say. And sometimes seem to be offended by anything that comes out of my mouth.

When in doubt, Open your Ears and Shut your Mouth

Worse yet, I am an Old White Man. Today there is no shortage of comments about Old White Men, and their-time-being-up. (I certainly appreciate that)
I am concerned about how frequently, casually and easily the terms Racist and Misogynist can be tossed out.

Old Man

But it is true, I am saying things that I heard my dad say when he was nearing retirement. A wise old man, who knows everything, who no one wants to listen to. They would rather that he didn’t even speak.

On top of this, there is a reality.
Our memory declines and our weight increases
(if that is not humiliating enough, hair migrates from our scalps to other parts of our body)

Each year my running time gets slower – that is a given. And if I put-on weight during the off-season, if my stomach becomes larger than my chest (like a silverback gorilla) I’ll have a whale-of-a-time getting back into shape. I’ve heard that the average man gains a pound per year until after he reaches 25
Sometime later in life, after the age of 70 or 80, our weight typically begins a slow decline (although we don’t lose the fat, unfortunately, we lose muscle and bone.

But I see that it happens to everyone.
Everyone gets older (and eventually gets in the way)

I will move to be a Kindly, Wise and Helpful Old Man
Instead of a Dirty, Disgusting and Scarey Old Man


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