Bless the Rabbits

This year I have rabbit problems in the garden. Took down some chicken wire which even prevented me from weeding the garden, so we would occasionally find rabbits in the garden

They eat my Kale. This was not a problem last year. My Kale was strong and tall. This year, as soon as the Kale gets serious, sending up leaves and gaining heights, the leaves are snipped off.

My first response was to go to war with the rabbits. Investing some thought there. Even researching traps and pellet guns. Sometimes when I am out early in the morning for a jog, the rabbits liter my path down the sidewalk, scurrying away at the last moment.

It is almost an infestation, like rodents. But technically rabbits are not rodents.
Mammals of the order Rodentia include Rats, Mice, Beavers, Squirrels and Hamsters, with a constantly growing pair of incisors on the upper and lower jaws
Rather, Mammals of the order Lagomorpha categorize Rabbits and Hares, with four teeth on the upper jaw, being exclusively herbivorous.

I have decided to Bless the Rabbits, respect their existence on earth and be thankful for the challenges and problems they provide me to successfully negotiate

It will Bless the Rabbits and keep them in perspective

Top 25 Quotes from Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff by Richard Carlson

At times I have imagined living on a farm with rabbits and roosters, feeding them and feeding me. To celebrate their existence and characteristic of fast population. And then to face other problems of rabbit health, parasites and predators and illnesses.

Maybe include dogs and cats and a goat.

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