I buy most of my items on Amazon and have done so for some times
More and more there are things that I discover that I don’t like
There are questions to address

But I love the ability to view my purchase history
So search for an item which I have purchased in the past (Wonderful)
If there is any problem, the item is refunded or returned

I realize that the pricing could be high, I wonder if it employs dynamic pricing
I re-order certain items and realize that what was once a bargain, over time, becomes a scam
The marketing of the item is sometimes inaccurate and I am cautious that items have expired

I find myself spending more and more on Amazon and have considered having an Amazon-Free Month, where I go cold-turkey and support the local economy, subject my buying to competition, be less impulse driven and temper purchases by adding the element of going out and shopping, and picking up the item (instead of it being ordered any minute of the day, delivered sometimes next day – with all the cardboard and packing.

Recently, I cross checked the pricing of an item against ebay and was delighted and intrigued with the results


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